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Our leadership team knows that good corporate governance promotes transparency and ethical behavior, as well as contributes to a company’s longevity, financial viability, and overall success. We prioritize best-in-class governance, including enterprise risk management, as well as rigorous processes and foundational principles that govern the way we do business.

Sustainability. Compliance. Accountability. Oversight.

SEACOR Marine’s Board of Directors oversees our business, including our environmental, social, and governance performance for the benefit of our stakeholders. The Board’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee assists the Board by providing oversight of SEACOR Marine’s sustainability efforts.

We believe that our sustainability commitment must come from the top, and cascade through our business to each and every employee. We know it is imperative to demand accountability at every level – from board members to entry level employees – and we have policies in place for key issues including, among others, human rights, environment, governance, and safety.

Compliance. Culture.

SEACOR Marine is built on a culture of ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Employees receive regular training on topics which include ethics and conduct, conflicts of interest, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-trust and competition, discrimination and harassment prevention, insider trading and cyber security.

We have established various policies and procedures that our employees, officers and directors must comply with and encourage and nurture a true speak-up culture. SEACOR Marine has engaged EthicsPoint, a confidential and secure third-party system, to facilitate whistleblower reporting.

We have also established standards for our suppliers to support our commitment to ethical and sustainability practices, and to ensure that we conduct business in a responsible manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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