Prevent Accidents Use Safety Equipment (PAUSE)

History and Background

The PAUSE process began in the spring of 2002 when a Steering Team was tasked with implementing a behavior based safety program. Behavior Science Technology, Inc. was selected to oversee the implementation and supply the skills required to make it a sustainable process. The PAUSE process is supported by all levels of management throughout SEACOR Marine. We embrace it as a positive and proactive approach to safety.

How does PAUSE work?

Incidents occur as a result of a person's behavior. It became evident that one way to reduce incidents is to identify those behaviors that lead to incidents, to train people to be able to measure these behaviors, and then to use the results of these measurements as a tool to provide feedback to employees in an effort to positively affect their future behaviors. In this process we can identify both Safe behaviors and At-risk behaviors. PAUSE purports that to reduce incidents, we must increase the safe behaviors and decrease the unsafe behaviors. An observer will be able to affect behaviors, both their own and the behaviors of those whom they observe.

PAUSE Performance

The PAUSE Process initial goal was a monthly observation count and continues to evolve to unprecedented levels each month. All SEACOR Marine employees are PAUSE Observer trained with over 50% of the fleet voluntarily submitting safe and at-risk observations on a monthly basis. The PAUSE Observer Training classes are held on request each month to meet the schedules of future PAUSE Observers. PAUSE Coaching has been established to provide a trained PAUSE Coach for onboard support of the PAUSE Process and safety culture. The PAUSE Steering Committee actively continues to train observers, increase awareness of at-risk behaviors and reinforce safe behaviors to support SEACOR Marine's journey to GOAL ZERO.