A strong safety culture exists within SEACOR Marine that is exercised and encouraged by all levels of the organization. Management and staff are fully committed to the aim of ZERO Accidents. SEACOR Marine strives to continually provide the finest training for our employees on land and on our vessels. This culture is based upon the following Four Pillars that support all that we do:

  1. Safety Management System (SMS): The SMS is certified and audited against the ISM code by Flag-States and Classification Societies.

  2. Job Safety Analysis (JSA): Also referred to as Pre-Job Planning, JSAs assure that all work is risk assessed before being carried out.

  3. Prevent Accidents Use Safety Equipment (PAUSE): This behavior-based safety program was developed to identify unsafe working conditions by using observations and discussions with those involved in the work. The conclusions reached result in development of preventive actions.

  4. Stop Work Authority (SWA): Each and every employee has the authority and responsibility to stop work to sustain the safest working environment possible.