Safety Management System (SMS)

The Safety Management System (SMS) was created by SEACOR Marine based on the principles of the International Safety Management Code, as a means of protecting people, property, and the environment.

The SMS provides SEACOR's mariners with a guide of best practices and aids crews with regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness, maintenance programs and continued improvement of work practices. The SMS is subject to annual auditing from trained internal auditors, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and the review of the mariners using the system. This provides a means of continuous review and improvement of the system. SEACOR's SMS has received ISM certification from ABS and operates vessels throughout the world under its guidance.

Every mariner working on SEACOR vessels participates in weekly on board training pulled directly from the SMS. This weekly training ensures that crew members become fully conversant with the SMS and provides an additional layer of review to verify compliance with the code.

The management of SEACOR Marine believes that the SMS is an important proactive tool, which has been adopted by all SEACOR vessels worldwide. SEACOR's management stands behind the belief that every incident can be prevented, and the SMS is an invaluable tool in our Journey to ZERO.

"SEACOR Marine delivers uncompromising quality and service with an unyielding commitment to environmental and human safety - worldwide."